Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2.0 – The eCommerce Solution

Our open source development team has extensive experience in WordPress and Drupal.  We specialize in both for many reasons, including their market share, extensibility, and open architecture.  But when it comes to websites that move toward becoming something more, a web application or platform if you will, we are recommending to our clients that they consider Drupal 8 as the next generation content management system. 


Integrating with and leveraging Symfony Components, Drupal 8 has extended its scope and reach – it is not just a content management system anymore but a content management framework, if you will, which can scale rapidly to build enterprise level applications. Drupal 8 provides an object-oriented architecture that improves modularity of code and extensibility of features.  Such a decoupled component system can quickly adapt to meet dynamically changing business rules and facilitate better application delivery for faster time to market which is crucial to take advantage of customer feedback tools and analytics.   Also, Drupal API allows for close integrations with many other CRM, ERP, and back-office systems.  And while the list can go on regarding our reasons we recommend Drupal in these particular areas, Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2.0 combined well by an experienced firm like New Target can create enterprise-level ecommerce user experiences.

Drupal Commerce is fully integrated with Drupal, providing an integrated and scalable enterprise-level commerce framework. Combining Drupal 8 with Drupal Commerce is an adaptable approach that is geared toward growth. The solution can grow with changing requirements and provide flexibility for customization. Because Drupal Commerce integrates tightly with the Drupal, the theme layer may be designed to provide a superior user experience than commerce systems that lock organizations into preexisting shopping cart layouts and checkout workflows.

Among many features, Drupal Commerce provides a complete product administration system, shopping cart, and checkout forms – each of which can be customized to achieve a user experience that’s best for a particular client’s needs and without the design debt of a system built for the masses. Drupal Commerce supports multilingual and multi-currency out of the box, with additional commerce features and usability enhancements provided by contributed modules – several of which have been developed and are supported by New Target.  For example, New Target’s Drupal experience integrating with secure payment gateways is extensive and we, quite literary, wrote the code for integrating with Cybersource’s Authorize.net payment gateway. 

Much can be written about Drupal Commerce and its strengths and for those looking to research more, we recommend visiting the Drupal Commerce website.  And more information may be found regarding Drupal 8 at Drupal.org. 

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