8 Terrific Drupal Modules for 2022

Paul or John, Kanye or Kim, Coke or Pepsi (Coke), WordPress or Drupal? The arguments rage on. A lot of what differentiates the two popular content management systems are their member-contributed “add ons” called plugins in WordPress and modules in Drupal.

drupal modules

Your Drupal website becomes truly yours through its customization by adding a variety of Drupal modules that change the appearance and operation of your website.

What Are Drupal Modules?

There are three types of Drupal modules, core, contributed, and custom.

Core modules are included in the original download, contributed modules must be downloaded independently (available from Drupal.org) and added to your website. Custom modules are ones you write yourself, but this requires a good amount of knowledge of Drupal’s API and PHP programming.

Modules are the easiest way to add helpful features to your Drupal website without having to touch the codebase.

Here are seven Drupal modules (of the 46,000 or so available) that you should consider adding in 2022. These are D9 modules because you are either there or you will be shortly.

  1. Admin Toolbar

Most likely, if you are building a Drupal 9 website, this will be the first module you’ll want to install. The Admin Toolbar module gives you access to all of Drupal’s admin pages by way of a very convenient “mega-menu,” and that will save you clicks today and clicks tomorrow.

  1. Coffee

There’s nothing worse than trying to be productive and being slowed down by wandering through the admin area. For faster navigation, take a shot of Coffee! Type alt + D to start this handy module and type the page you’d like to visit.

By typing the first few letters of the task that you want to perform, Coffee will immediately start to find the desired result. If your search yields multiple results, you can use the up and down keys to choose the one you want.

It will save you enough time to drive to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. Thus, the name?

  1. I Am the Antibot

Nobody wants spam, nobody even eats spam. Thus, there has been developed the Antibot module which is designed to eliminate form submissions from robots, and it doesn’t require the annoying CAPTCHA codes for users to have to get through.

It works on mobile and touch screens too.

  1. Metatag

If you’ve ever shared some web content on your social media and been disappointed by the way your content looked then this is a Drupal module for you. Metatag empowers you to customize things like image format and description text across social media snippet types, so your content looks the way you want it to no matter where it’s being viewed.

  1. Redirect

When you need to move some content from one area of your website to another or unintentionally alter the URL, this module will come in handy. The Redirect module will kindly and automatically redirect your visitors from the old URL to the new URL.

If you don’t install Redirect, you will have to take time from your already busy schedule to search for any URLs that have changed and then fix them.

  1. Backup and Migrate

This Drupal module makes simple the task of backing up your Drupal databases or copying them from one website to another. You can drop all of your databases to a file download or save it offsite and also restore it from the previously saved database. It supports gzip, bzip, and zip compression as well as automatic scheduled backups.

  1. Shield

For website developers looking for a steel barrier between your developing websites and those monsters out there, the Shield module lets you protect your website using Apache authentication. If a potential user doesn’t have a correct username and password, Shield simply hides the website. Keep that unwanted traffic away. Shield can be applied to both single and multiple websites.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular tracking tool for your website. The module integrates the Google Analytics statistics for Drupal websites. You can use it to add these statistics to your website (and many others). Single/multi/cross domain tracking. You can selectively track or exclude certain users, roles, and pages. You can monitor what type of links are tracked and what files are downloaded.


New modules are being added to Drupal.org all the time. The community of developers is passionate about solving problems and finding new ways to make beautiful Drupal websites.

Drupal’s flexibility to become exactly what you particularly want, or need, is why it continues to be a great CMS choice.

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