New Target Launches Website for Mason Lietz & Klinger LLP

The New Target team is excited to announce the launch of a new website for the Washington, D.C.-based civil litigation firm Mason Lietz & Klinger LLP.

scales of justice and a gavel

Mason Lietz & Klinger represents plaintiffs who have been injured or harmed by corporate misconduct. They consider themselves one of the nation’s leading firms specializing in litigation involving large numbers of people harmed by data breaches, defective or mislabeled products, environmental incidents, and the like.

Their attorneys have a long history of obtaining major verdicts and settlements. They frequently lead, co-lead, or take on other leadership roles in class actions of national significance. Examples include, Chinese drywall litigation, the U.S. Office of Professional Management data breach, BP oil spill litigation, and Exxon Valdez oil spill litigation.

They had been using a modest website that one of the attorneys had created when they started the firm in 2020, so they definitely were excited to take their website to the next level. They were ready for some improved design, additional content, and a way to easily create new pages for their outreach campaigns in class action suits. 

Our creative director created an updated and modern design that is very professional, yet also personal with team imagery across the website. The solutions architect and his team built the website using the WordPress CMS, which is easy to use and manage for non-technical users.

We used WordPress’ website builder tool, Elementor, a bit on the website, but since the client didn’t need much layout flexibility, we kept it to only places where it was required. Most pages are managed through the standard WordPress editor.  

In addition, we integrated with the law firm’s case management system, LawRuler, to ensure they can create new forms on the website that will then pass-through new contact information tagged to the appropriate case. This way, the client can create a new form with the correct case tagged (using tags to match the LawRuler setup), embed it into a new campaign page, and ensure that all data collected can then be managed and used appropriately.

We’re proud of the New Target team for their hard work in creating an attractive, client-focused website in a relatively short amount of time. We know it will continue to be a great digital asset for Mason Lietz & Klinger.

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