Is the Opigno LMS Right for You?

Finding an accessible and user-friendly learning management system (LMS) can be a confusing task given that there are now hundreds of options to choose from. In a perfect world every, an LMS would align seamlessly with the CMS your company currently uses, but that is not always the case—unless you are a Drupal user. Opigno LMS is an open source, Drupal-based, SCORM- and Tin Can-compliant system that makes setting up a functional and effective learning environment more convenient for Drupal users whether you are an individual or large corporation attempting to train and inform employees or clients.


Opigno is packed with tons of innovative features designed to meet the needs of a variety of organizations. Some of the most useful of these features include:

  • Adaptive learning based on the user’s performance
  • Automated skill management
  • Training path management
  • Virtual classes, exams, and certificates
  • Interactive chatrooms, forums, and recording options for virtual meetings
  • Ecommerce feature that allows for paid subscriptions
  • Mobile application
  • And many more!

Opigno provides a valuable platform for creating a training course containing one to several modules that can be added in just one step. The modules within the course can include a variety of activities like slides, videos, quizzes, or other interactive content. Opigno also allows for live meetings and instructor-led training to be attached to a training course; users even have the option of making these required for completion of the course.


  • Your organization uses Drupal or you are familiar with it. Choosing an LMS that easily blends with your current CMS will save you time and stress when integrating your LMS.
  • You prefer open source solutions as opposed to proprietary ones. An open source framework provides transparency, collective innovation, and security, so if these characteristics are valuable to your organization, Opigno is an excellent option.
  • Your organization values flexibility and scalability. Opigno makes it easy for companies to update content regularly and adapt to changes within the organization.


One of the exciting things about Opigno is that it can self-adapt and align the training content based on a learner’s past results, profiles, and professions. This adaptability makes Opigno a useful platform for employees. In addition, big and small organizations can also utilize Opigno’s customizable features to implement content and a style that works for your organization’s training needs. Opigno also continuously updates and develops the software to provide their customers with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge LMS solution.

If, after reading this, you’re thinking, why haven’t I taken advantage of Opigno’s many features? You can download it here.

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