11 Steps to Creating the Perfect Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website that is designed to capture leads and convert them into customers. It is important for small business owners to create effective landing pages so they can generate more sales, develop a better relationship with their customers, and increase their online presence.

landing page

Here are 11 aspects to a successful landing page.

1. Use a benefit-focused headline

Your headline is the first thing read. Your customers have arrived and they’re looking for a solution to their problem. Let your headline be the one thing that answers all of their questions, instills trust in you as an expert, and encourages them to continue engaging with your offer! Crafting an effective landing page headline can make all the difference – give it some time so that you create something unique yet valuable for your guests.

2. Use an image that illustrates the offer

An eye-catching image is the perfect way to capture your ideal customer’s attention and make them feel what they stand gain from taking up on you offer. Showcase a sense of joy and enthusiasm in an impactful photo; illustrate how their lives will be transformed with one simple click.

3. Write compelling copy

Isn’t it frustrating when you put all that effort into the perfect headline and image only to have your message fall on deaf ears? That’s why effective copy is so important; make sure yours speaks directly to them by using language like “you” and “your.” Then guide visitors towards a clear end goal with concise instructions.

4. Create impactful design  

The design of your landing page should be simple and intuitive, yet eye-catching. Use colors that are consistent with your brand identity and avoid using too many images or videos. Additionally, use high quality visuals to ensure your page looks professional and inviting to visitors. Finally, make sure all the elements on the page are mobile-friendly; if visitors can’t easily navigate and view the content on their phones or tablets then they won’t stay long.

5. Put the lead form above the fold

If you’re looking to maximize conversions, make sure your lead form is located above the fold. By “above the fold,” we mean that visitors don’t need to scroll in order for it to be visible on their screen – no hunting around required! For added convenience and engagement, design your form so that it scrolls with users as they move down the page.

6. Only ask for what you need

Gathering the right information from your leads is a crucial part of understanding and engaging them. When it comes to deciding how much info to ask for, there are several factors that come into play: familiarity with you or your business, where they are in their buyer’s journey, and if they trust you enough. Make sure new prospects don’t get overwhelmed by an overwhelming lead form – after all who has time (or patience) for that? Keep things simple! Just capture what’s essential like a name and email address. Those two pieces of information are sufficient to nurture a strong relationship between both sides.

7. Include a call-to-action 

You’ve got a few seconds to make an impression on your visitors so don’t be afraid to highlight the call-to action (CTA) button. Its color should contrast the page, and its text shouldn’t leave any confusion about what you want from them – use phrases like “submit”, “download,” or “get it now”. Make sure that users have no doubt as to how they can convert!

8. Provide social proof

No matter how great your product is, people want reassurance from others who have actually used it before making their own purchase decisions. This is where social proof comes into play. By providing testimonials from satisfied customers, you give potential buyers confidence in the quality of your offerings.

9. Give away a relevant offer

When designing your landing page, remember that the offer you provide is just as important as all other parts of a lead’s journey. Make sure it something tempting enough for visitors to take in exchange for their contact information and make sure it aligns with what you’re offering overall. Put thought into this part because having an attractive and relevant give away can be key when converting leads!

10. Remove all navigation

Is your website’s landing page struggling to convert visitors into leads? Don’t fret, the solution may be simpler than you think! Get rid of all navigation links, including internal ones. Doing so will help focus attention on your call-to-action and increase conversions in no time.

11. Make your page responsive

Making your page responsive is a necessity in our modern world. With so many users accessing content through multiple devices and platforms, it’s essential for you to create pages that can be viewed easily on both desktop and mobile screens – this includes landing pages with forms! Give yourself (and your visitors) every opportunity to succeed by making sure each webpage looks great regardless of which device they use.


Creating an effective landing page doesn’t need to be complicated but there are several components to consider when designing yours, so it delivers results for your business. With these tips in hand, you’ll be well on the way to creating an engaging landing page that resonates with your visitors! If you need help with landing pages or other aspects of digital marketing, the New Target marketing team is ready to help you.

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