Social Listening

Amplify your understanding of the sentiments in your market that move the most important needle, yours.

Predictive insights for proactive strategies.

Understanding your audience’s voice is the first step to meaningful engagement. Our social listening services are intricately designed to decipher the complex layers of consumer conversations and sentiments across the digital landscape. By tuning into these vital signals, we help you align your brand strategies with real-time market dynamics.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your brand’s unique industry. Our objective is to deeply understand your audience’s preferences, concerns, and expectations. Leveraging sophisticated listening tools, we gather and analyze data from social media, forums, blogs, and other digital platforms where your audience actively engages.

At the core of our listening services is a commitment to empathy driven by data from a broad spectrum of digital channels. We transform unstructured data into actionable insights. This granular understanding enables us to refine your marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate authentically with your target audience.

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Social Listening Analysis

Gain insights into customer sentiments and trends with our comprehensive social listening analysis. Dive into what your audience is saying about your brand across digital platforms, and use these insights to inform your marketing strategies and product development.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Keep a pulse on your brand’s online reputation. Track mentions and understand public perception to manage your brand image proactively. Stay informed and respond effectively to both positive and negative feedback.

Competitive Intelligence Gathering

Stay ahead in the market by monitoring your competitors. Understand their strategies and market positioning to refine your own tactics and identify unique opportunities for your brand.

Influencer Partnership Identification

Identify key influencers and brand advocates in your industry. Leverage their reach and credibility to amplify your brand message and engage with a wider audience.

Customer Engagement Insights

Enhance customer engagement by understanding what resonates with your audience. Tailor your content and campaigns based on audience preferences and behaviors for maximum impact.

Market Trend Analysis

Keep up with emerging trends in your industry. Use social listening to spot trends as they arise and adapt your strategies to stay relevant and appealing to your audience.

Case Study

Standard Solar

Creating a more sustainable energy future.
Standard solar is a national leader in renewable energy. They use their resources and expertise to increase the development, funding, ownership, and operation of commercial and community solar projects nationwide. New Target has helped Standard Solar stay top of mind through a robust search marketing effort that delivers.