Empowering women on a global scale.


The Equal Futures Partnership was started by the U.S. Department of State in 2012 in response to President Obama’s challenge to heads of state to break down barriers to women’s economic and political participation. The Equal Futures team wanted the website to more fully express its mission and demonstrate its commitment to women’s empowerment on a global scale. 


New Target created a website that’s easy to use for both site admins and website visitors. It’s 508 compliant, categorized for cross-referencing of content, and infused with an intuitive and creative design.


Our goal was to create an approachable, inspirational, website. We wanted to capture the global aspect of the partnership through the use of maps. We use large photos to add an emotional connection and large buttons and color blocks to ensure that the site is easy to navigate.


A mission of this magnitude called for a website that visually and editorially demonstrated to global leaders the importance of the mission to global leaders. To that end, the site was designed to highlight storytelling for the purpose of showing expertise. Large images and color blocks direct visitors to learn more about the organization and the work of the Equal Futures Partnership in its 29 member countries and the EU. Visitors have easy access to categorized resources including Events & News and Resources in the form of articles, factsheets, press releases, and a colorful and interactive members’ map.


New Target created a responsive Drupal website.

The website’s optimized for SEO best practices and integrates with Google Analytics for data collection. We created an easy-to-navigate admin panel so the Partnership’s team can add, edit, and evolvie content. 

We continue to provide additional as-needed support for the website and the program. 

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