Multi-Faceted Campaign Strategy for National Industries for the Blind
The National Industries for the Blind (NIB) focuses their yearly marketing efforts through multiple long-standing campaigns targeting various facets—from mission-driven initiatives to SKILCRAFT product promotions—while also incorporating significant events like their 85th anniversary and National Disability Employment Awareness Month.


The primary challenge was to rejuvenate long-standing campaigns by analyzing past performance and strategically planning campaign concepts to drive engagement. They wanted New Target to help them propel their marketing efforts forward through measurable KPIs and campaigns that spoke to their mission through impactful messaging. Additionally, New Target Agency was tasked with launching and managing new campaigns for significant events and observances.


New Target Agency embarked on a comprehensive and dynamic marketing strategy tailored specifically for NIB. Our approach was multi-pronged, focusing on both rejuvenation and innovation in campaign development and execution. Each campaign was crafted to tell a compelling story, connecting with audiences on emotional, practical and informative levels. Every campaign was designed with clear, quantifiable objectives, allowing us to track progress and effectiveness in real-time. This data-centric approach ensured that we could quickly adapt and optimize campaigns for maximum impact. New Target’s solution for NIB was a blend of innovative marketing strategies, data-driven insights, and mission-aligned messaging, all aimed at propelling their marketing efforts to new heights.



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Signatures from congress members and DC decision-makers. pledging to support NIB’s mission.


The campaign strategy devised by New Target was multifaceted and targeted. We designed a series of interconnected campaigns that addressed various aspects of NIB’s goals – from raising awareness about their mission to promoting specific SKILCRAFT products. Each campaign was strategically scheduled to coincide with key dates and events, such as National Disability Employment Awareness Month and NIB’s 85th anniversary, to maximize impact and relevance. Our strategy employed a mix of digital and traditional media platforms, ensuring broad and effective outreach. We emphasized storytelling in our content, creating narratives that highlighted the successes and contributions of individuals with disabilities, thereby humanizing and strengthening the NIB brand.


  • Empowered Employment: A mission-based campaign designed to gather signatures, with emails funneled into Constant Contact for continued lead nurturing.
  • SKILCRAFT Products and Services: Executed in two parts; the first was aimed at the fiscal year-end, and the second applied lessons from the first part with new featured products. The services campaign focused on manufacturing and other services at the start of the fiscal year.
  • Google Looker Studio: Developed comprehensive performance reports for each platform and campaign, including traffic details to campaign landing pages.
  • Media Buys: Careful research and selection of local and national outlets aligned with NIB’s objectives, resulting in campaigns run through Washington Post, The Hill, and Federal News Network.
  • Social Media: Covered NIB Advocacy Day, including a toolkit for agencies and on-site coverage of meetings with legislators.
  • A/B Testing: Conducted for the Empowered Employment campaign to optimize headlines and copy.
  • CleanTalk Implementation: To filter spam form submissions across the NIB site.
  • Interactive Map Development: In progress to detail NIB associated agencies across the country.


The New Target Agency’s strategic approach and hands-on campaign management led to significant engagement across multiple campaigns. By focusing on conversions and leveraging diverse media channels, they were able to amplify NIB’s reach and impact, marking the 85th anniversary and other key initiatives with notable success.

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