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The ITRC needed a website that reflected its vital mission and its national reach that was intuitive for both consumers and editors alike.


New Target created a modern, integrated, digital ecosystem that centers around their extensive resource center and provides user journeys that were developed through extensive research and consideration to their needs. Our approach made the WordPress and Salesforce technology tech stack work for them, while ensuring that it also works for ITRC’s digital team. 


To start this project, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of their legacy ecosystem focused on how ITRC could better serve their public audiences.

This included focus groups, ADA compliance analysis, user interviews, competitor research, digital ecosystem audits, and more.  

Strategically we created an online experience that speaks to consumers at an incredibly stressful time in their lives. This meant that we needed to provide an easy-to-navigate user journey, one that removes confusion and decision and instills trust and embodies communication. 

Our discovery process is based on the Framework for Innovation. The framework ensures that we are creating the right thing for you before we start to create that thing right. 

Website Design & Creative Vision

With our vision defined, we created a bright, sophisticated, aesthetic that mimics a chat flow. With chat and a call center being a major part of how ITRC helps consumers, we wanted to carry this aesthetic through to the website design. Visual cues guide users to the information and journey that’s right for their needs.

To guide users down the right path, the homepage was simplified presenting three options to get people to the information they need. We used simple, relatable language and color to ensure that users know where they are at all times in their journey. 

Throughout the website, users are presented with content that is easy to consume because distractions have been removed. Understanding that people use digital tools in different ways meant that we provide multiple ways to access and view content based on a user’s preference so that there is no additional stress or confusion caused by any design decisions. 


The ITRC website uses WordPress as a CMS. The project consisted of creating a custom resource center and integrates with Salesforce to enable the ITRC’s business operations while providing users a frictionless and rich experience.  

The website also integrates with other ITRC information products and marcom technologies for mailing, podcasting, and customer relationship management. 

Understanding users and their desire to search the website for information, the experience uses Elastic search and has an included synonym library that is replicated based on the chat flow that users can interact with providing a truly seamless experience for users regardless of how they choose to interact with ITRC. 

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