Enhancing stories one data point at a time.

Data visualization enhances stories. Our goal with every project requiring data viz is to create an experience that connects with people’s hearts and minds. This often means integrating a website or digital experience into a third-party system that houses the data needed to emphasize key points of your story, and then creating a visually inspiring way to tell it. 

We understand the power of an integrated experience and how to turn data into memorable visual experiences that both engage and delight users at the same time.

From interactive maps that show your scale or program’s impact to data dashboards to digital annual reports that show your reach, we use data to tell stories. We use data visualizations to show value. And we use data to make complex information digestible to your online audiences. 


Experience matters

Since our founding in 1998, our team has created integrated digital experiences. From dashboards that pull real-time stock data to maps that show physical locations and projects to full project dashboards and reports steeped in detailed data, we’ve helped organizations and their audiences make sense of the numbers and turn data into compelling stories. We’re comfortable using leading tools like Tableau, Flourish, Power BI, Highcharts, and more.

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