Stripe Is 1 Excellent Choice as a Nonprofit Payment Processor

Your nonprofit is in the “doing good” business 24/7/365. But it’s also in the raising money business so you need a good payment processor.

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As younger people start to enter the world of philanthropy, the percentage of donations that come through online giving will surely rise from its current 13 percent. But even that 13 percent means $60 billion today is being raised annually through online giving.

And so, you’ll want a good payment processor to help get these much-needed donations and to make being a part of your good work much easier for those who want to contribute in this convenient way.

Consider Stripe for Your Payment Processor

There are several good and reliable payment processing options on the market, but we believe Stripe is one of the best for the nonprofit community. It’s easy, reliable, safe. and it offers a significant discount for nonprofits. In addition, you’ll be able to process donations from all over the world; Stripe can process credit cards from over 100 countries. Today the world, tomorrow, Mars!

Stripe Is a PCI-compliant Payment Processor

PCI stands for the Payment Card Industry and to be PCI-compliant is a security standard that has been established to ensure that both your organization and your donors are kept safe during an online transaction. PCI-compliant payment processors keep everyone’s sensitive data and personal information safe from prying eyes and prevent credit card numbers from being stolen.

Maintain Engagement, Get the Donation

Too often, when a donor is ready to make their donation, they are redirected to a third-party website in order to complete the transaction. When this happens, there always exists the risks that you lose their attention, they get confused as to what to do next, or they get frightened and abandon the transaction for fear that what is happening is not secure.

Stripe has an integration with the Soapbox Engage app that keeps donors on your website. This greatly simplifies the donation process and keeps your donors engaged on your custom donation page.

When you combine Stripe with the Soapbox Engage app, your donors will enjoy a branded donation “experience” and that will reassure them they are in the right place, and that their donation transaction is a safe one.

Mobile Payment Processing

Stripe lets you take advantage of the excitement generated at your events and lets you use mobile devices to allow donations “on the spot.” Swipe, boom, another happy donor!

Subscription Donations

One of the most important ways that you can effortlessly boost the cause is to sign up your donors for monthly “subscriptions” to your nonprofit. A modest monthly donation from a lot of people can make a huge difference to your work. To that end, Stripe lets you “re-bill” your donors without having to store their personal and credit card information. This information alone can increase the likelihood of someone participating in this program.

By giving Stripe the job of handling all the sensitive data, you’re protecting both your organization and your donors.

Event Tickets

Selling event tickets can really be tricky without the right tools. Thanks to the Soapbox Engage Events app and Stripe, spreadsheets and collecting cash at the door are gone forever.

When you combine the Events app with Stripe, you can process event registrations and online payments in one easy transaction. Additionally, the information is saved directly to your database, greatly reducing the time your staff has to spend on these administrative tasks.

Are multiple events being planned at once? You can create custom event campaigns for each event and keep all the information separated and organized. Also, there are lots of ticketing choices, including both free and paid options.


When you are in the “Save the Pandas” business, a no-brainer is selling Panda merchandise to your loyal supporters. Stripe can easily handle all the transactions for your ecommerce store. Such stores are a low-pressure and fun way to raise money for the cause.

Discount for Nonprofits

Last, but definitely not least, Stripe generously offers a discounted processing fee for nonprofits accepting donations (not selling products or event tickets and the like). If you have nonprofit status and will process 80% or more of your donation payments on Stripe, it will reduce your fee from its regular 2.9 percent down to 2.2 percent. On the billion that you intend to raise online, that’s a savings of $7 million!


New Target is a top nonprofit marketer and developer. We count among our clients dozens of your favorite charitable organizations. Nonprofit certainly doesn’t mean noncompetitive and thus your mission needs the best tools and minds working on its behalf. Our experience combined with knowledge of what tools (like the Stripe payment processor) to use and where can make all the difference in keeping your mission going strong. Contact us to get started!

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