The serious business of creating and maintaining an effective company website, online store, or customer portal is, at the same time, getting more automated and complex. The capture and use of data through applications and artificial intelligence mean that customer expectations are higher than they have ever been, and so are the consequences of a sub-optimal user experience.


New Target has always been market-focused, and we know that the difference between a good technology solution chosen, designed, and developed with our client's customers always in mind is the way to design user-centered experiences that deliver material business results.

Selecting the right software for the job is a New Target tenet. Pushing the limits of what online customer engagement can be is in our design nature, and we get clients results by strategically integrating a wide range of technology services. Web technology solutions in the private sector can be much different from those in associations, non-profits, and government organizations. That’s why, when it comes to choosing the right technologies to integrate for our clients, we’re very careful in assessing, adding, and phasing out. Our team is eager to recommend new technology, but we also know when to stick with what works best and refine toward better bottom-line results.

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We provide the following website and application development services to our corporate clients:

  • E-commerce
  • Onsite business transformation consulting
  • Custom application development and back-office software integration
  • Hosting
  • Interactive application development
  • Website redesign and redevelopment
  • Website, application, and email hosting
  • Web marketing strategy and execution
  • Application code audits and consulting
  • Third-party vendor transition support

From cosmetics to tourism to transportation, solar energy to aerospace industries, see how New Target has helped many companies implement the best technology solutions for business.

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