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Leaping Bunny has a catalog of hundreds of certified products and companies. Bring online their unique business workflow to handle a rigorous certification process and accept secure dues payments. This, along with everyday content management, marketing, and sales from the Leaping Bunny team was becoming more tedious by the second. The Leaping Bunny staff needed a technical solution to manage all of their systems and workflows from decentralized locations. 


New Target propelled its tech stack forward with a new updated CMS and integration with Salesforce. In addition to a technical upgrade, we proposed tools to expand user engagement across their digital ecosystem and focused on improving the overall user-experience (UX) with data-driven structural changes.


With the goals of increasing efficiency, creating a flexible system that can expand into the future, and designing a user-experience that encourages conversions, our team analyzed multiple technical solutions and got to know the users of the Leaping Bunny program.

Using hard data collected from analytics and anecdotal data from user interviews, we created user journeys and flows that convert. Working closely with the Leaping Bunny team, we identified the right tools for the team allowing them to optimize their process and increase their efficiency. 

Our discovery process used the framework for innovation to ensure we created the right digital ecosystem for the Leaping Bunny team and then ensured that we designed and built the digital ecosystem right. 

Design& Creative Vision

Our goal for the new Leaping Bunny website was to create a clean, easy to navigate layout. 

Focusing on the user-experience, we created a purposeful design with plenty of whitespace to provide clear actions for visitors across devices. The website has many audiences including consumers looking for cruelty-free products. So, we emphasized CTAs and a visual hierarchy to allow users to skim, scan, and read if needed.   

Our team focused on each persona’s flow to ensure that the goal of the user is top of mind and their questions are effectively and efficiently answered.

Development & Hosting

Our first task was to decouple many legacy third parties and custom modules from an old Drupal website that made up Leaping Bunny’s prior CRM approach. To accomplish this, we normalized their data, mapped it to Salesforce, and architected the connection via API between Salesforce and a new Drupal CMS. We then migrated user profile data, the client portal, and product profiles to the newly developed digital ecosystem.

Once the module development and integration were complete, we took care of integrations and created a website that features a great UX and UI that allows visitors to easily navigate and convert. 

Our hosting and development teams work seamlessly and collaborate continuously. Having hosting engineers on staff whose sole focus is the environment in which the software lives is a benefit of our integrated full-service digital agency beyond those focused on design alone.  

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