Global satellite solutions leader meets website CMS leader.


A new end-to-end satellite solutions joint venture needed a website to inform and convert new clients. It needed to be powered by a modern content management system and capable of supporting a globally-distributed content management team. 


We created a modern, mobile-first and WordPress-based website to provide their customers with clear and concise product information. We gave TIVITY product marketing team members the digital marketing tools and content management system vital to their digital marketing efforts. Our user-centered mobile-first approach made the WordPress technology work for TIVITY’s target customers, while ensuring that it also works for their digital marketing team. 

Website Design

TIVITY needed a website design that communicated their leading satellite solutions to a global marketplace. Based in Europe, TIVITY needed a website that’s SEO friendly, clearly communicates their product’s value propositions, and provides frictionless conversion forms for interested customers.    

Our creative process is based on the Framework for Innovation. The framework ensures that we are creating the right thing for you before we start to create that thing right.

WordPress CMS

TIVITY’s website uses the world’s leading content management system, WordPress, to power their modern new website.  

Our team chose WordPress because it provides best-in-class editing features, rich interactions, and on-page editing (without the need for developers) that TIVITY’s faced-paced communication and product marketing team needs to keep their pages fresh and up-to-date.  

Elementor was chosen to provide these rich on-page content editing features and provide the marketing and communication teams with a leading solution to build new product pages as needed from anywhere, at anytime.  

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