Our Leadership

David Loor

Director of Web Development

In his role as a Director of Web Development at New Target, David is integral in defining project features and requirements. His expertise in Drupal/WordPress extends beyond mere technical skills, as he plays a key role in steering projects towards success. David’s approach to leadership is centered around teamwork and effective management, ensuring that each project blueprint not only meets client needs but also fosters a collaborative and productive environment for his team. By guiding his team in the careful selection and creation of both contributed and custom modules and plugins, David ensures the delivery of high-quality, efficient solutions that not only achieve client satisfaction but also strengthen team dynamics.

David’s 15-year career in web development began in Ecuador and led him to Fairfax, VA. His technical expertise encompasses PHP, JavaScript, Python, Next.js, and other web technologies, demonstrating his ability to adeptly work with a variety of tech tools. As a supporter of Open Source, David is proficient in CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress, effectively tackling complex web problems.

His experience includes integrating systems like Salesforce and NetForum into web applications, a skill crucial for crafting well-rounded and efficient web solutions that meet diverse client needs.

Previously, David enhanced his skill set at New Target as a Full Stack Developer and Solutions Architect (2015-2023), where he played a vital role in developing and managing Drupal and WordPress websites. His freelance period (2011-2015) broadened his experience, particularly in remote work and international collaborations.

David embarked on his tech journey at Escuela Politecnica Nacional in Quito, Ecuador, working as a Student Lab Assistant while pursuing his Computer Science degree. This early experience provided a solid foundation for his professional growth.

Outside of work, David’s curiosity drives him to explore emerging technologies like Virtual Reality and AI. He finds relaxation and balance in bike riding, a hobby that offers a refreshing break from his professional life. Additionally, David enjoys the quiet moments spent with his Kindle, indulging in reading and reflecting.

In Fairfax, David’s life is enriched by his wife and two daughters. Their love and support bring joy and balance to his busy professional life, underscoring his belief in the importance of innovation, continuous learning, and cherishing quality time with family.

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