Joe Frye

Director of Digital Strategy

As New Target’s Director of Digital Strategy, Joe leads the marketing and strategy teams and focuses on how organizations and brands form meaningful connections with their audiences throughout their digital ecosystems. He provides strategic guidance for creative marketing campaigns and website redesigns.  

Prior to joining New Target, Joe worked with many well-known brands including PBS, Fox, and Showtime. Throughout his career, he has focused on how people engage with organizations. From helping launch the award-winning PBS General Audience iOS video apps to promoting the work of Ken Burns through engaging online experiences to creating Emmy-nominated interactive Smart TV apps, he understands how to build a bond between organizations and individuals.  

As part of the New Target team, he’s helped increase donations for nonprofits, grow membership, improve member retention rates for many well-known associations, and increase revenue and sales for commercial organizations. He’s led integration projects that inform investors, created digital experiences that move science policy through the halls of Congress, and launched campaigns that connect global communities.  

Joe graduated from the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. He’s a storyteller at heart and enjoys video production and photography. 

joe frye


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