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EducationUSA needed a web application for a new student fair portal that integrated with Slate. The application needed a smooth user experience (UX), with clear calls to action (CTAs), and compelling imagery.


New Target created a digital experience that promoted discoverability across the site through a robust search, an interactive map, detailed calendar, and more that propel users towards a better education and better life.


Our goal was to create a web application that was more than just a website, one that encouraged exploration and brought excitement to a portal while providing all necessary information in an easy to use, creative way. 

We needed to create an experience that worked for students and education professionals alike. To make this work for global users, we needed to strip out unnecessary filters and information and make the experience intuitive and translatable. 

Design & Creative Vision

Based on EducationUSA, the U.S. State Department, and IIE’s branding standards, we created a responsive, user-friendly, integrated website. We also brought a mobile-first approach to the project.

We pulled inspiration from the college experience and focused on creating pages that feel familiar to our target audience. This included using a semi-longform style equipped with anchor links to keep the website compact.

educationusa portal


We chose WordPress to power the online experience because of its intuitive user interface and great content editing features. 

The project came with a necessary set of third-party integrations including Slate and Event Squid. Additionally, we ensured that the data was pushed to the EducationUSA website as well. 

On the website, we ensured that visitors can filter and find the content they need through a robust search tool.

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